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Our Playhouse is a thematic indoor Playhouse that exposes children to many
opportunities for discovery and learning gained through the one thing they know
best – PLAY – whether that be Motoric Play, Sensory Play, Constructive Play, Dramatic Play.


There’s no better way for parents to spend time with their children
other than immersing in their world of play and imagination!


Our play areas are specifically designed for children ages 1 to 10 years


The Playhouse is divided into different play areas which are designed
to tap the developmental skills of different age groups.


Our Playhouse allows creativity to flourish, and provides many opportunities for both gross and fine
motor skills to be engaged to increase cognitive skills, attention span and collaborative play.


Geographic element: Land
Age group: 1.5 yrs and under
Description: Motoric Play and Sensorial Play



Babies’ and toddlers’ sensorial and motoric development will be enhanced as they explore, touch, crawl and tumble in our Funky Farm! Practicing crawling will develop their gross motor skills, balance, spatial understanding and body coordination before they learn to stand and walk. They can also develop their sense of touch, practice their eye-hand coordination and hand grip by playing with the Sensorial Wall and Mini Ball Pool.


Geographic element: Water
Age group: 1.5 yrs +
Description: Motoric Play, Sensory Play, and Constructive Play



Ocean in Motion is specifically designed to help stimulate children’s imagination as they crawl through Jonah’s Whale Crawler, and develop gross motor skills as they play in the Ball Pool Boat and the Ships Ahoy! One special equipment found here is the Reggio Emilia mirror triangle tent which allows children to explore things in many different angles and perspectives. Problem-solving skills and creativity will also be enhanced as children find innovative ways to create and experiment using the Big Blue Blocks.


Geographic element: Land
Age group: 2 yrs +
Description: Motoric Play



In Wildlife Wonder, children are exposed to different play equipment such as the Balance Beam and the Slip & Slide which encourages stability, balance and body awareness, also allowing them to practice and control the coordination of their body movements.


Geographic element: Land
Age group: 4 yrs +
Description: Motoric Play



o Beach Heat offers play equipment that stimulates the imagination and improve gross motor manipulation and strength. Here you can find the Sand Castle Climbing Port, Balancing Bridge, Palm Tree Sldie, Half-Climber and Hop-Scotch Course.


Geographic element: Air
Age group: 2 yrs +
Description: Sensory Play and Constructive Play



The Space Adventure room is inspired by Reggio Emilia’s educational philosophy which focuses on a child-led approach to learning. Here, children are encouraged to investigate light, shadow, reflections, shapes, colors, planets and constellations through visual and tactile explorations.

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